DB1 Pro

Keypads are so un-sexy.

Which is why we created the DB1 Pro. Kailh Box white switches, custom smoke translucent keycaps, anodized aluminum casing, and a volume knob fit for a king make DB1 an experience all on it's own. Ultra high-quality USB headphone DAC and full RGB lighting take it to a whole different level alltogether.

Designed for gamers and power users

The DB1 Pro is a knockout combo unlike any keypad that's come before it. Four fully programmable macro keys satisfy even the most demanding power users. A hand knurled aluminum volume knob pairs perfectly with a precision output, low-noise dual stereo DAC. Custom RGB LED lighting is the (beautiful) cherry on top.

Beautiful hardware

The DB1 Pro is designed with premium materials and hand-assembled in the USA. Every aspect of the DB1 was throughly considered, from the CNC machined case, to the USB-C and 3.5mm audio connectors. We use only the highest-quality electronic components. Our PCBs were painstakingly designed to minimize noise, especially within the audiophile-grade audio circuitry.

Intelligent app control

The DB1 Pro is the first open-source, QMK compatible keyboard peripheral to support PC app control and configuration, thanks to the nullbits Sync app. Sync can be used to precisely set LED colors and modes, assign keybinds, build complex macros,and update the DB1 firmware.

DB1 Specs

Four programmable macro keys + volume knob

Precision USB DAC & headphone amplifier

Flicker-free constant current RGB LEDs

Open-Source QMK firmware

Dedicated Sync app configuration

Future-proof USB C connection

Audio Specs

Signal/Noise ratio: 98dB

Sample rate: 16bit/48kHz

Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion: <0.025% @ 32Ω

Impedance: 16Ω - 180Ω recommended

Tuned for gaming: Flat response with large stereo separation

Perfect for



Podcasters & Vloggers

Audio & Video Professionals