6-Key Functional Switch Tester

A switch tester that's also a plug-and-play macropad

The SCRAMBLE is a fully-assembled, 6-switch, plug-and-play QMK macropad with VIA support. It sports Kailh hotswap sockets, so you can rearrange and swap in different switches as you please. It also comes with Signature Plastics DSA keycaps.

OLED and rotary encoder ready

It wouldn't be a nullbits product if it didn't have hackability: there are footprints for a rotary encoder and an OLED display if you really want to go crazy (and we know you do).*

Rotary Encoder


With a built-in switch, a rotary encoder can be customized to control audio, keyboard layers, and more.

OLED Support

Giant LED

The SCRAMBLE also includes an OLED header, ready to accept a 0.91" SSD1306 I2C OLED.

*optional rotary encoder and OLED Display are sold separately. Soldering is required.

Test more switches

The base tester includes six Gateron switches: Red, Blue, Brown, Green, Black, and White. In addition to the base tester with Gateron switches, we offer multiple switch kits, along with a plate for 3-pin switches.

Tri-mode LED

The built in white LED shows power status by default, and can be set to 3 different brightnesses using GPIO controls. It also indicates when the SCRAMBLE is in bootloader mode. Don't like the built-in LED? Turn it off. Use it to show layer or caps lock status. Bright, dim, and off modes allow for maximum flexibility.

VIA ready, easy peasy

The SCRAMBLE is supported in VIA with no extra setup, allowing for easy programming and configuration. Instantly remap keys and build macros without needing to recompile QMK or flash any firmware.

See it in the wild

Check out community-posted images sourced from the nullbits Discord server, Reddit, and more.

Included in the box

  • Fully assembled SCRAMBLE
    • PCB with hotswap sockets & 6x switches
    • Signature Plastics DSA keycaps
  • Quickstart card
  • Switch plate for 3-pin switches
  • Braided USB-C cable

Recommended accessories

OS Compatibility

Supported by all major versions of Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Fully compatible with USB 2, USB 3, and USB-C. No driver installation required.

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