Introducing DB1 Pro. Introducing DB1 Pro.
Dedicated Discord and app control, precision headphone DAC, and RGB.

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We know design.

The nullbits team is a group of expert engineers with a passion for product development. We throughly and vigorously test all of our own designs to make sure they're of the highest quality. Each nullbits product has thousands of hours of design, and thousands more in tweaking and testing. All so that we can bring you the best products possible.



We've got even more up our sleeve. For now, check out what we're allowed to show you.


There's more to nullbits than meets the eye.


We're hardcore gamers and PC power users. There's no better way to know what works and what doesn't than to use it.


We don't just build peripherals, we use them too. We never rest until we know what we've got is perfect.


With our years of design experience, we know what it takes to launch an awesome product.


We're real humans and we're ready to help if you need assistance.


Let's get in touch.

Boulder, CO, US