Customizable 19-Key Numpad Kit

A very moddable 19-key numpad kit

The TIDBIT is a 19-key numpad kit with support for multiple rotary encoders, OLED and LED displays, and RGB underglow. Designed to perfectly match the look of the NIBBLE, the TIDBIT uses a Pro Micro, rather than a discrete microcontroller. This saves assembly time, and also reduces the build difficulty, since components like the USB connector are difficult to solder by hand. The TIDBIT has more programmable keys than a standard 12-key numpad, and allows for multiple layouts. More below!

Encoders, OLEDs, and LED Matrices

The TIDBIT has an incredible amount of flexibility. Want an LED matrix smack in the middle? Sure. Rotary encoder knob? Have two. Why, all these options, you ask? Why not.


Up to 4x Rotary Encoders

With a built-in switch, a rotary encoder can be customized to control audio, RGB modes, keyboard layers, video and audio editing, and more. All at once, if you want.

Giant LED

Matrix, 14 Segment, & OLED Support

Built to accept many of the the popular HT16K33 Adafruit modules (1, 2, 3), an LED matrix (or three) opens up new possibilities. It also includes an OLED header, ready to accept a 0.91" SSD1306 I2C OLED.


Mix and Match

Builds aren't limited to one of these options. Most (but not all, list here) options can be mixed and matched. There's no real limit to the weirdness. Want a macropad with nothing but LED matrices? Go crazy.

100% through hole design*

The TIDBIT uses a Pro Micro MCU instead of a discrete micro-controller chip. It offers the fun and aesthetic of a kit without having to worry about soldering the difficult bits like USB connectors. All required parts (diodes, caps, and ICs) are through-hole, meaning they're easy and forgiving to solder.

*Optional underglow LEDs and expansion port are surface-mount

Multiple Layout Options

The TIDBIT supports many different key configurations and layouts: A standard 18-key numpad (minus Num Lock) with 2U keys, a 19-key layout, and more. What's the catch? The 2U keys do not support stabilizers. Since it runs QMK firmware, it's easy to change keymaps, program macros, and customize functionality, even beyond what's been discussed here.

RGB underglow ready

8x optional bottom-mounted SMT LEDs shine nicely through the acrylic support material. RGB underglow is supported natively in QMK, allowing for easy programming and configuration.

See it in the wild

Check out community-posted images sourced from the nullbits Discord server, Reddit, and more.

Recommended Accessories

These are promised to make your TIDBIT a little tastier.


(in the box)

  • Top & bottom PCBs
  • Top & middle acrylic supports
  • M2 standoffs & screws
  • Core electronic components:
    • 1N4148 axial diodes & reset switch
    • WS2812 RGB underglow LEDs
    • 1x rotary encoder & color-matched Kilo knob
  • Quickstart card

Not included

(you'll also want)

  • Pro Micro Compatible MCU. Consider using a Bit-C!
  • Qty. 19 PCB mount MX-compatible keyswitches & keycaps
  • [Optional] OLED/Adafruit LED Modules
  • [Optional] Mill-Max 0305, 3305, or 7305 hot-swap sockets
  • Tools:
    • A good fine-tip soldering iron
    • High quality thin solder
    • Side cutting snips for trimming leads
    • A fine-tip Phillips (#00 or #0) screwdriver

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